romibi's Quassel Page

Download romibi's latest
Custom Quassel Build

I like to test some Experimental Features which are not yet merged into the official Quassel Version. (List of differences)
You can test them too … if you want.

Windows Builds:

Something went wrong! If this doesn't change please contact me in IRC

Mac Builds

Go to GitHub-Releases Page

No linux releases … yet.
But i can recommend mamarley's ppa

If you want to download an other of my custom builds you can find them on Appveyor.
(Or older builds on Dropbox.)
The Official Quassel Homepage is
Quassel has a GitHub and an Appveyor Account too…
Hint: Old official releases are found here.
If you want to report a bug please keep in mind that the versions linked on this page are not official versions!
Test the official version if the bug is there too and if yes file a bug in the official Bug-Tracker.
If not: try to reach me (romibi) over IRC (for example in #quassel).
My Quassel Git-Repository is located here.