romibi's Quassel Page

Download romibi's latest
Custom Quassel Build

I like to test some Experimental Features which are not yet merged into the official Quassel Version. (List of differences)
You can test them too … if you want.

Windows Builds:

Mac Builds:

Go to GitHub-Releases Page

Linux Builds:

I still strongly recommend to use mamarley's ppa (there's a git variant too)
But i have my own PPA now: Quassel: romibis custom builds

If you want to download an other of my custom builds you can find them on Appveyor.
The Official Quassel Homepage is
Quassel has a GitHub and an Appveyor Account too…
Hint: Old official releases are found here.
If you want to report a bug please keep in mind that the versions linked on this page are not official versions!
Test the official version if the bug is there too and if yes file a bug in the official Bug-Tracker.
If not: try to reach me (romibi) over IRC (for example in #quassel).
My Quassel Git-Repository is located here.